Vacation with dog at lake Wörthersee

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Vacation with dog at the Wörthersee - very gladly!

Misters and mistresses are welcome guests at the Wörthersee with their four-legged friends, the explanations should help if you are not sure about some regulations, where you can swim with your best friend, which destinations to visit etc..

Please note that there are also some regulations concerning the wearing of a muzzle and the leash requirement.


At the border crossing you should have a valid vaccination certificate, which is not older than 12 months. In built-up areas leashes are compulsory. In addition, there is a muzzle obligation in all public transport and shipping, as well as in public places!

Dog-friendly accommodations on Lake Wörthersee

Many establishments on Lake Wörthersee offer you AND your dog a pleasant stay.
>> Click here for a list of establishments

Swimming with your dog at Lake Wörthersee

At Lake Wörthersee there is a bathing prohibition for dogs in the public bathing beaches. At the Forstsee (signposted area) and at the Kleiner See (north of the Forstsee), at the Trattnigteich (in certain areas) and at the Hafnersee (own dog beach) dogs are welcome guests. Next to the lido Klagenfurt is a so-called "dog meadow" at this point the dogs are allowed in the lake.

Some hotels have the regulation at the in-house bathing beach that dogs are allowed on the beach and in the water early in the morning and in the evening, but this must always be clarified with the host.

Golfing with the dog at the Wörthersee

For golf enthusiasts there is a special offer at the golf courses Klagenfurt-Seltenheim, Moosburg and Velden / Köstenberg. Here it is made possible for dog owners not to lose sight of their faithful companion even while playing golf. Thus, nothing stands in the way of golf fun during a vacation with a dog at Lake Wörthersee!

Cycling with the dog at Lake Wörthersee

Explore Carinthia, the cycling country! The Drau Cycle Path R1, from Sillian in East Tyrol to Lavamünd is probably one of the most renowned routes of Carinthia's cycle path network. Enjoy the magnificent scenery and dare an excursion with bike and dog!

Especially for tourists in the region around Velden and Schiefling, the Wörthersee bike tour is a great option. This route is almost entirely spared from car traffic on the main road and is also manageable for the less trained. A recommendable variant of the Wörthersee tour is the trip over the Keutschacher Seental. Here, the return trip is not via the south shore road, but via the Keutschacher Seental, past the Rauschele, Baßgeigen, Keutschacher and Hafnersee lakes. At these lakes you can rest and go swimming with your dog. Many call the Rosental the most beautiful landscape in Carinthia, and there is also a bike tour here: the Rosental Tour. From Rosegg to the Drau bridge Selkach you can ride on the Drau cycle path, then it goes back, on quiet side roads. So nothing stands in the way of a bike tour during your vacation with your dog at Lake Wörthersee!

Offer your dog enough breaks and adjust your pace to the dog! Maybe you also have a dog trailer with you, so that your dog can rest on longer, asphalt roads.

Excursion destinations for vacation with dog at Lake Wörthersee

In addition to countless sporting activities that you and your darling can manage, many excursion destinations allow you to take your dog everywhere. One highlight is the Wörthersee boat trip, in which dogs can also participate. According to legal regulations, dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. If these conditions are met, their four-legged companion travels free of charge.

Countless sights allow dogs free entry, provided they are kept on a leash.

  • "The little world on Lake Wörth" in Klagenfurt: Minimundus
  • Happ reptile zoo
  • Rosegg Game Park
  • Hochosterwitz Castle
  • Prehistory center in Frög
  • Lake Wörthersee boat trip (with muzzle)and many excursion destinations in Carinthia and sights at Lake Wörthersee more...

Our tip for vacation with dog at the Wörthersee

Here you can leave your darling once with pleasure, should it be necessary:

Dog kindergarten 4 Pfötchen

Toni and Barbara Terra, Tiblitsch 69, 9212 Techelsberg on Lake Wörthersee

Tel.: +43 (0) 681 81707497

Dog sitting deluxe in Klagenfurt
Susanne Sundermann, Glanweg 5/2, 9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: +43 (0)676 4640639

Here you can view and download our "Vacation with dog" brochure!



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