5 reasons for a winter vacation on Lake Wörthersee

  • © Gert, Steinthaler
  • © Gert, Steinthaler
  • © Gert, Steinthaler

#1 Winter hiking on Lake Wörthersee? Schmäh, right?"

No, pure seriousness. And certainly not an empty marketing gag. Hiking doesn't always mean having to climb high mountains. In winter, they are covered with meters of snow anyway. Just as it doesn't mean that "Wörthersee" only stands for summer lifestyle and "dolce far niente". In winter, when the lake comes to rest, it becomes a backdrop from all sides. A picturesque winter hiking idyll opens up here. Wide paths, gentle hills, fantastic viewpoints of the sugared land, the golden rays of the sun and plenty of routes, as long as they are free of ice and snow. Imposing is the view in winter from the Pyramidenkogel, the highest wooden lookout tower in Europe. The lake valley Keutschach, a winter walk through Velden or the winter hike along the Pörtschach flower promenade are nice tips to take your soul for a walk. Glittering forests and a gently sugared landscape are waiting to enchant you. "Walking in a winter wonderland " - in soft version - and lake view included.


#2 Already winterized your SUP? Take it out and head for Lake Wörthersee!

Who says that water sports are only a summer thing? Nobody. And as an ambitious paddler or kayaker you take every opportunity to get on the board. You want to paddle all year round. And you are especially attracted by the silence and tranquility of the lake in winter. As long as the lake is ice-free and the weather conditions are right, there is nothing to stop you. Frozen water in the form of snow is not enough for your two boards? You just don't want to miss the lake with its special feeling. And escape the hustle and bustle of the slopes. Wolfgang Winkler from Strandclub Velden rides his water skis all winter long. On request, he also does this with experienced water sports enthusiasts. www.strandclub.com/de-v/

Be sure to take proper equipment, general safety precautions and weather conditions into consideration. Experienced paddlers know that this can quickly become dangerous, especially in the winter!

#3 No snow? World class! Off to the gravel bike.

Gravel bike? What's that? Another new trend apparently. Yes - and a pretty cool one! All die-hard gravel bikers appreciate the winter months, of course. Especially when the snow fails again, the All-Terrain -Bike (a combination of road bike with MTB tires) offers the perfect opportunity to discover nature. Due to the slightly lower speed than with a road bike, the wind is also somewhat more bearable in the cold months. The touring radius remains approximately the same.

From Lake Wörthersee there are a multitude of possibilities for gravel bike routes. In winter, when the fog mystically drifts over Lake Wörthersee, the best possible daily program is probably to combine the bike tour with a short hike to a nearby vantage point. With a change of clothes, you can enjoy carefree moments in the bright sun - above the blanket of fog. After a short descent, it's back to the sauna. Ingenious, isn't it?


#4 "Summer freshness" in winter version: wellness eating at lake Wörthersee

A winter vacation wouldn't be perfect without wellness and relaxing. The summer sunset dolce vita lifestyle at Lake Wörthersee is known to almost everyone. But is there also a winter version of "summer freshness"? Wellnessen, winter hiking, looking for and finding peace - and still enjoying the lake in its quiet beauty? All this at the Wörthersee. After a bit of exercise, the mystical-romantic atmosphere at the lake invites you all the more deservedly to sweat passively. In selected wellness hotels on the lake, you can unwind and find peace and relaxation, including a culinary pampering program. woerthersee.com/wellness

#5 But from the lake to the mountain on two boards? Sure - with the free ski pass

And if you do get a hankering for more alpine terrain and fun on the slopes on two boards, then the surrounding ski areas are not too far away. And what could be better in winter than a short wellness break, including the option to go skiing for a day? From Villach's local mountain, the Gerlitze, you can swing down comfortably and soak up the sun at the same time. Some establishments on Lake Wörthersee will surprise you with winter offers plus a free ski pass for the Gerlitze. Heart - what more could you want?

Highlight for your wallet: Save money even in the cold season with the Wörthersee Plus Card.

With the free guest card, you also get free admission and discounts of up to 50% at excursion destinations around Lake Wörthersee, in Klagenfurt and in Central Carinthia in winter. Every guest receives the Wörthersee Plus Card from the 1st overnight stay onwards immediately at check-in. (Validity period: November 02, 2020 to March 31, 2021)




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