Wörthersee circular hiking trail

  • Wandern am Hafnersee
  • Genusswandern am Wörthersee.

The 55km long Wörthersee circular hiking trail is THE hiking flagship of Lake Wörthersee and can be booked online.

Here you perfectly combine the absolute freedom of hiking with a small backpack and the modern service of an attractive hiking destination. Our partner "Trails Angels" offers countless combination possibilities of route sections and accommodations, combined with comprehensive service: start WHERE you want, WHEN you want, with WHOM you want and HOW you want!

Those who book online enjoy the comfort of selected partner establishments and the service of automatic luggage transport. A perfect outdoor experience, which is individually organized and accompanied by the competent information and booking center.

Lake Wörthersee circular hiking trail
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Wörthersee circular hiking trail - the somewhat different hiking destination

The lovely landscape around Lake Wörthersee is not a mountain landscape. Because here dominate firstly gentle hills, secondly green forests and thirdly wide forest paths. In addition, the Mediterranean feeling and the view of the beautiful turquoise-blue of Lake Wörthersee is omnipresent.

So on the one hand, the Wörthersee circular hiking trail offers a sun-drenched hiking landscape. But on the other hand, it's also a whopping 55km and 1400 meters of elevation gain. A really big challenge for hikers!

Therefore, many hikers divide the total distance into smaller individual parts and hike the circular hiking trail in manageable stages. With the 50% discount of the Wörthersee PlusCard on the Wörthersee boat trip, this can be done ideally by boat.

Alternatively, public buses are available on the south shore and trains on the north shore. So you can either take the public transportation to the starting points of the partial routes. Or from the day's end point back to his accommodation.

The southern flair and the light-flooded hiking trails on the gentle hills are an invitation to all pleasure hikers. In addition, there are the high-quality refreshment stops in the evening and the omnipresent "dolce vita". Together, these enjoyable ingredients make the Wörthersee circular hiking trail truly a hiking destination of a different kind!

Wörthersee circular hiking trail - detailed information

The terrain is hilly with some steep ascents and descents (lake heights from 440 to 850 meters, approx. +/- 1,400 meters in altitude), the route runs mostly in wooded areas, whereby there are always magnificent views of both Lake Wörthersee and the Karawanken.

The circular trail can be started and interrupted at will (the most suitable places for this are the landing stages around the lake and the train stations) and can be walked in both directions. If you do not want to interrupt, you should not be irritated by the "feeder paths" (such as from Krumpendorf and Pörtschach), which are usually marked blue-white-blue!

And in between again and again highlights

Zillhöhe, Pirkerkogel, Hohe Gloriette and Trattnigteich are recommended as special places to stop. And there is no way around a detour to the Pyramidenkogel anyway.

Hiking map

The hiking map for the circular hiking trail is available free of charge at all tourist offices around Lake Wörthersee, as well as at the Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus in Velden.

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