Wörthersee solstice hike

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The Wörthersee Solstice Hike is a special kind of hike. The popularity of this hiking event is easily explained, because what could be more magical than hiking into the sunrise - and experience the magical time of the summer solstice. Going counterclockwise, you will be surprised by special, unforgettable experience stations and much more on the 62 km long hike. A real "fire show" rounds off the event.

Every year about 500 hikers from all over the Alpe-Adria region take part in the "Sonnwendwanderung". There is also a 31 km half-distance route (250 limited starting places) for all those who find it easier to walk short distances.

The Wörthersee Sonnwendwanderung is very popular. Therefore, register early enough and secure your limited ticket.

The program at the summer solstice hike

A magical experience!

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The Wörthersee Sonnwendwanderung is a unique hiking experience. The 62 km long long-distance hike should be seen as a challenge to oneself. This also includes a spiritual experience, the summer solstice. On the one hand, the conscious perception for the change of the seasons should be in the center. The "connecting with nature". And on the other hand, the participants should be able to experience the beauty of the landscape around Lake Wörthersee from a different perspective. While hiking through the night. The Wörthersee Sonnwendwanderung is not about reaching a certain time. Much more the experience is in the foreground and to enjoy hiking and the landscape with like-minded people.

While hiking through one of the shortest nights of the calendar year, each participant can experience the magic of the summer solstice at the following experience stations :

  • Fire show at the start of the hike
  • Druid's drink from the copper cauldron in the fire circle at the Velden Castle Hotel
  • Sunrise at the observation tower at the Pyramidenkogel
  • Jump into the Wörthersee

This is what you can expect from this hiking format:

  • 62 km or 31 km hiking route with easy, moderate climbs and downhill passages
  • magical, golden light atmosphere at sunrise at the Pyramidenkogel lookout tower (admission included)
  • Starter package with a Wörthersee gift and many goodies
  • 4 refreshment stations along the route incl. food and drinks
  • Pick-up service for dropouts
  • Certificate and medal
  • Souvenir photo
  • Finisher pasta (62 km) or breakfast at the shuttle boat (31 km)

For half-distance hikers: free boat shuttle from Reifnitz back to the starting point in Pörtschach

Here are the departure times:

  • 6:00 Departure ship shuttle to Pörtschach Pörtschach
  • 7:00 o'clock departure ship shuttle to Pörtschach Pörtschach
  • If you miss the ship shuttle, you can take the regular ship of the Wörthersee Schifffahrt to Pörtschach at 8:30 am. (Attention: chargeable!)

Participant information

Detailed information about the Magical Solstice Hike

  • Genusswandern am Wörthersee.
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  • © Gert, Perauer
  • Genusswandern am Wörthersee.
    © Martin, Hofmann

Hiking is possible in any weather!

Route: from the music pavilion Pörtschach along the Wörthersee circular hiking trail (blue and white markings / yellow information boards) counterclockwise along the Wörthersee circular hiking trail.

Route length: 62 km or 31 km

Meters in altitude: 1 .800 Hm resp. 850 Hm

Walking time: approx. 12 - 15 hours resp. 6 - 7 hours

Starting point: Music pavilion Pörtschach

Date / Time Start: June 25th at 23.00 hrs

Time end: June 26 15:00 at the finish or at the latest until 13:00 pass the last refreshment station or June 26 at 8:00 (31 km hike)

Parking: public parking lots of the municipality Pörtschach (Attention: partly with costs!)

Participation fee: € 59,- (62km Magical Solstice Hike) or € 49,- (25km route).

👉 Here to the TICKETSHOP

Pick up Starter Package - at the Event Office at the Music Pavilion:

  • 25 June from 17.00 to 20.00 hrs.
  • Participation is not possible without picking up the Starter Package in person!
  • Please show your Eventjet Onlineticket and if necessary your discount card (e.g. kelag Plusclub Joker or Kleine Zeitung Vorteilscard)!

Late registration:

  • 25. June 13.00 - 17.00 o'clock
  • no discounts possible
  • surcharge of € 10,- per ticket
  • Attention: only 20 remaining tickets "first come, first serve".

Participant brief ings: 2 briefings before the start

Pacemakers: there will be pacemakers to help you reach a targeted finish time for the 62km hike (12, 13 or 14 hours).


4 refreshment stations along the route with free drinks and food.

  • Camping Village Wörthersee
  • Community of Reifnitz
  • Tramway Lendkanal (Klagenfurt)
  • Pirk (Krumpendorf)

For almost all of our participants, our food stations are sufficient for all of their energy needs. Please take additional personal provisions with you if necessary, or cash for a possible stop at an inn / supermarket.

Attention: the hikers of the 31 km Magical Solstice Hike will only pass the first two refreshment stations!

If the legs do not want more: There is the possibility to be brought back to the music pavilion by our driver at 5 pick-up points:

The pick-up stations are:

  • Municipal office Velden
  • Pyramidenkogel
  • Municipal office Reifnitz
  • Klagenfurt (Labstation Stocksportanlage)
  • Good Drasing

For a pick-up please call the following number: +43 677 634 988 42

If you break off the hike and drive home privately, please be obligated to cancel by SMS at: +43 677 631 318 63

Emergencies: In case of emergency please call the Euro-emergency number 112!

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