Panoramaweg Südalpen: Etappe 15 von Lavamünd zum Gasthof Rabensteiner

  • Lavamünd Waldlichtung vlg. Weißegger
    © Panoramaweg-Suedalpen-Etappe-1-©StefanFilzmoser


From the Drau bridge in Lavamünd, walk north on the eastern bank, then cross a road and continue along the hiking trail uphill. Past the farmsteads vlg. Rachur and vlg. Waldegger, you reach Ruskreuz (starting point of the geological nature trail, path "306,03") in just under one and a half hours.
Continue in a northerly direction, through a beautiful mixed forest, to Rottensteiner Kreuz. From here, on a hollow path, slightly uphill to the intersection Ruine Rabenstein - Gasthof Rabensteiner or Kasparstein - Eiser Törl. Keeping to the right and along hiking trail 306A, you pass the farmstead vlg. Weissegger farm. It is still about 20 minutes on foot to Gasthof Rabensteiner.
Since this stage is quite short, there is the possibility to hike from Gasthof Rabensteiner via trail 306A to St. Paul and its famous Benedictine monastery. Additional time for the way there and back about 1 hr. 45 min.