• <p>Pörtschach besticht durch seine prachtvollen Villen und stilvollen Seehäuser. Vor allem schätzen die Gäste die zwei Kilometer lange Seepromenade, den türkisblauen See mit Trinkwasserqualität und das milde Klima.</p>
    Pörtschach am Wörthersee Dort, wo der See am schönsten ist

Pörtschach on Lake Wörthersee Where the lake is the most beautiful.

In the very south of Austria, in the province of Carinthia, lies the region of Lake Wörthersee with the municipality of Pörtschach. The popular bathing and tourist resort impresses with its magnificent villas and stylish lake houses. Above all, guests appreciate the two-kilometer-long lake promenade, the turquoise-blue lake with drinking water quality and the mild climate.


Leisure activities in Pörtschach

At Lake Wörthersee you can enjoy a warm, almost Mediterranean climate with constantly pleasant temperatures. It's a good thing that Lake Wörthersee is ready to cool you off! The community is not only known as a seaside resort, but also as a musical Mecca. On vacation in Pörtschach the music plays all year round! A promenade pool with water slide and diving tower, three outdoor pools, ball sports, water sports facilities as well as cycling and hiking trails round off the leisure activities on Lake Wörthersee. Today, the hunt for the yellow tennis ball and numerous water sports are among the most popular activities. Pörtschach is the center of water skiing, especially known as a wakeboarding stronghold.

The soothing sea air and the almost Mediterranean climate have a positive effect on your well-being. The flower promenade that runs along the lake and the natural Landspitz are ideal for dreamy and relaxing vacation hours. Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms, to name just two artists, appreciated the charming charm of Pörtschach early on.

Pörtschach simply plays all the pieces - experience the diversity of the breathtaking natural landscape, which leaves nothing to be desired for hiking enthusiasts or mountain bike lovers. But also in the field of conferences and congresses Pörtschach has a lot of experience and enjoys great popularity.

Spend your bathing, sports or spa vacation at one of the most beautiful places on Lake Wörthersee: in Pörtschach! Numerous accommodation facilities are at your disposal! Book your vacation in Pörtschach today!

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Events in Pörtschach


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Tours tips for hiking, cycling and co Active in Pörtschach

Petra Nestelbacher - footprints FOTOGRAFIE
© Petra Nestelbacher
Slow Trail - Brahmsweg

Difficulty: easy

Length: 6.2 km

Duration: 90 min

Gert Steinthaler
© Gert Steinthaler
Ein Winterspaziergang durch Pörtschach

Difficulty: easy

Length: 3 km

Duration: 60 min

Petra Nestelbacher - footprints FOTOGRAFIE
© Petra Nestelbacher
10 km AK Viertel Marathon Trail

Difficulty: medium

Length: 9.6 km

Duration: 110 min

© Transromanica Kärnten
Wörthersee Rundfahrt

Difficulty: medium

Length: 41.3 km

Duration: 150 min

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