Ironman Austria Carinthia

At the Ironman Austria on June, 18th 2023 Lake Wörthersee will become the stage for the biggest triathlon event in Europe. Because firstly, 3,000 athletes from all over the world will once again deliver indescribable endurance performances. And secondly, 10,000e triathlon fans will turn the entire region into an epicenter of this sport "of suffering".

Ironman Austria - the ideal weekend getaway

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Spend an eventful weekend at the Ironman at the Wörthersee and enjoy the most popular bathing lake in Austria at the most beautiful time of the year. The summer!

With the Wörthersee Plus Card you benefit as a guest from countless discounts at excursion destinations on Lake Wörthersee or excursion destinations in Carinthia. In addition, many lidos are free of charge if your host offers the lido package with the Plus Card.

Endurance sports region Wörthersee

Because "suffering" can also be beautiful.

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Lake Wörthersee offers the ideal arena for triathlon athletes and their fans. No matter if it's a short vacation with a Mediterranean feeling, the cool lifestyle of the Wörthersee region or a training stay that draws you south. With its triathlon offers, Austria's most popular swimming lake is a top training address in Austria and a great vacation destination to boot. Under the warm Carinthian sun and jumping into the cool waters of Lake Wörthersee, endurance athletes feel right at home!

Road bike and Lake Wörthersee. A perfect symbiosis

In our portal for cycling fans you will find all information about road bikes.

Endurance sports on Lake Wörthersee

We also recommend other endurance sports events on Lake Wörthersee such as the Wörthersee Triathlon, Kärnten läuft! Half Marathon, the Wörthersee Ultra Trail (WSUT) and the Wörthersee Extreme Hike in January.

Ironman Austria bike course

The new routing since 2019

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The route now leads in a northwesterly direction via Krumpendorf and the Hallegger ponds, past Lendorf to St. Veit/Kraig. Via Feldkirchen and Moosburg, the first loop leads back to the transition area in Klagenfurt, where the second loop - along the 2011 route - is then tackled. Of course, this has to be mastered only once more with its challenges Ribnig-Hügel and Rupertiberg.

Here is the Strava link to the new route.

Here you can find the route details in the Carinthia Tour Portal.

This makes the Ironman a highlight for everyone

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Experience the unimaginable endurance and incredible emotions of this unique sporting event. 3.8 kilometers of swimming, as well as 180 kilometers of cycling and also 42.2 kilometers of running are the impressive distances of any Ironman.

But what makes this absolute top sport event so special are on the one hand the infinitely deep emotions of all participants. Everyone who completes this endurance odyssey goes through their own personal ups and downs. Whether international top triathlete, performance-oriented triathlete or Ironman novice. Each participant is on his or her respective mission and experiences all imaginable agonies as well as elation during the Ironman.

And on the other hand, there are the spectators. Especially at the Wörthersee they create an indescribable atmosphere. With their energy and enthusiasm they always carry the athletes forward.

It is these emotions that make this sporting event so special for the visitors and captivate them. Be there too!

Visitor info

The visitor center at the Ironman is located in the east bay of the Wörthersee, at the Metnitzstrand. Experience has shown that all parking spaces around the area are completely full.

Therefore, travel by public transport and use the buses of the public transport company Klagenfurt. These go from the train station Klagenfurt and Krumpendorf exactly to the event area past.

You can also park at the Wörthersee Stadium in Waidmannsdorf. Pack your bike and you are at the event area in about 10 minutes. This way you can also easily reach the running course or the bike course!

You can also use the parking lot of the lido in Krumpendorf. Also from here you are in about 10 minutes by bike at the event area.

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