Pyramidenkogelweg Schiefling

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The trail goes along the Wörthersee-Höhenrundwanderweg No. 7 - approx. 1 km to the junction on the Pyramidenkogel. From here it is a 1.5 km steep climb up the Kogel. A breathtaking view of Carinthia's mountains and lakes awaits you.

Return the way over the height along the way No. 2 (in direct proximity inns) - in the direction of the place Albersdorf - (stop possibility in the inn Anderwald) - further to the signposting with the No. 2 keep. Shortly before your destination the Buschenschenke Lach invites you to a typical Carinthian "Bettljause". The way to the starting point at the Trattnigteich - Gasthof Ramusch - is then not far.

The hike is varied through forests and meadows and small idyllic villages.


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