• <p>Krumpendorf als die&nbsp;Bewegungsarena am Wörthersee&nbsp;bietet Ihnen alle Voraussetzungen für Bewegung zwischen See und Stadt, Natur und Kultur, Ruhe und Erlebnis.</p>
    Krumpendorf am Wörthersee Deine Bewegungsarena

Krumpendorf on Lake Wörthersee Your movement arena

Exercise invigorates - especially on vacation! Krumpendorf as the movement arena on Lake Wörthersee offers you all the prerequisites for movement between lake and town, nature and culture, peace and adventure.


Swimming fun times three!

You can enjoy Lake Wörthersee to the full in three Krumpendorf lidos!

The Kropfitschbad is a quieter, smaller pool with exclusive gastronomy. In the restaurant at the Kropftischbad, you can sit in the front row by the water and enjoy light Mediterranean cuisine, and it is also possible to moor a boat for a visit to the restaurant.

The lido Bad Stich is a family-run lido for young and old. With a large sunbathing lawn, playground, SUP and pedal boat hire and a traditional lakeside restaurant, the lido offers the perfect setting for a relaxing family day at the lake.

The Parkbad Krumpendorf offers perfect bathing fun on 22,000m²! Huge sunbathing lawns, children's pool, children's playground, beach volleyball, trampoline, 100m swimming lanes, WLAN, barrier-free access to the lake.

  • Restaurant & café
  • Beach store and (e-)bike rental
  • SEEsport Wörthersee (water skiing, SUP, kayaking, etc.)
  • Kids' club and fit & fun program in July and August

Lake fitness in the open air - unique on Lake Wörthersee

The fit & fun program

Daily in July & August. With yoga, Pilates, (aqua) gymnastics, deep work, etc., there is a varied sports program with qualified trainers. Free for all bathers in the Parkbad

The Fitness & Vitality Park

The Fitness & Vitality Park Krumpendorf is an open-air fitness center. On around 800m² there are eight machines to strengthen circulation, mobility, coordination and loosen muscles - before or after sport, or simply in between. Use is free of charge, and in summer there are also training sessions with a coach!


The Calisthenics Park

Calisthenics is an intensive physical workout that usually involves training with your own body weight.
Suitable for all sporting levels - from professionals to beginners! Information boards with basic exercises on site.


Mountain bike

The Krumpendorf mountain bike panorama tour
15 km | 400 m elevation gain | medium difficulty | duration approx. 1.5 hours
With connections to the MTB routes in Pörtschach and Techelsberg, 40 kilometers of off-road trails invite you to cycle above Lake Wörthersee!


Krumpendorf summer market

Organic products - arts and crafts - regional culinary delights - a meeting place for enjoyment
The market season in Krumpendorf starts in mid-May! You can shop, taste, eat and drink in the Schlossallee and on the Rathauswiese every Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. until the end of August. The offer is varied: good things from the farm, all kinds of organic products, handicrafts, regional delicacies and culinary delights to taste and buy. Music is always the order of the day: either cool playlists or live music in between.


Culture:Climate Krumpendorf

The Waldarena Krumpendorf, right next to the boat landing stage, offers a fantastic and incomparable cultural backdrop on the lake, in the middle of nature. For concerts, movie nights, poetry slams, readings, etc. From local to international artists, from classical sounds to South American rhythms. In summer, there is a concert or top-level event almost every day. In rainy weather, the events often take place in Krumpendorf's churches. All events are organic & fair, admission is a donation, the proceeds go to a good cause. Program and information at waldarena.at

The big plus for all guests of the region.

Many discounts with our excursion destination partners, the same service providers, gastronomy and infrastructure partners.

More info here!

Events in Krumpendorf

The big plus for all Wörthersee guests

Many discounts at Wörthersee- and Veldener Schifffahrt, Pyramidenkogel, Burg Hochosterwitz, Reptilenzoo Happ, Planetarium Klagenfurt, gastronomic advantages and much more!

More info here!

Tours tips for hiking, cycling and co Active in Krumpendorf

© Kärnten
Nockalmstraße vom Wörthersee

Difficulty: hard

Length: 181 km

Duration: 420 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Golfplatz Runde Dellach

Difficulty: medium

Length: 6.2 km

Duration: 80 min

Felix Ettinger
© Felix Ettinger
Bärndorf Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 9.2 km

Duration: 110 min

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
Sekirn Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 10.4 km

Duration: 120 min

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