Water sports offers at the Wörthersee

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At Lake Wörthersee the whole family can spend their lake vacation with lots of swimming fun but also water sports activities. It is guaranteed never to be boring. Because Lake Wörthersee is one of the few lakes in Austria where it is allowed to go by motorboat, which is why, in addition to the usual water sports such as sailing, swimming, stand-up paddling, kayaking, etc., the traditional water sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding is also possible.

The following water sports are available from a wide variety of providers:

  • Stand-Up-Paddling
  • kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Wakesurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Rides on the tires or other inflatable fun devices
  • Electric boat or pedal boat rental
  • Diving
  • swimming along swim lanes
  • various courses such as aqua-jogging or yoga directly by the lake
  • SUP yoga
  • and much more.

Here you can find the official lake map of Wörthersee

The water sports providers, water ski schools and rental stations at Lake Wörthersee are:


Strandclub Velden
Seepromenade, Tel: +43(0)4274 51101 or +43(0)664 3342333,
Electric boats, pedal boats, luxury boats, motorboat tours
end of April - middle of October

WÖSEE Water sports

Seecorso 68, Hotel Parks, jetty at SOL Beach Club

Tel: +43 664 1145195


water ski, wakeboard, waveboard, tires, banana, sofa, carpet, cab, boat tours

Summer season daily from 07:00-21:00

Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden
Schlosspark 1, jetty opposite the lake; Tel. +43(0)4274 52000-0
Waterski, wakeboard, foilboard, tires, banana, sofa, flyfish;

Strandbad Wrann
Wrannpark 1-3, Tel: +43(0)4274 2770
Rowing boats, electric boats, kayaks, pedal boats, sailboats
26. May - 10. September

Oehlwein Boote & Seebutler am Wörthersee
Seecorso (opposite Velden Castle), Tel: +43(0)676 6904661, or
Pedal boats, electric boats, Ferrari boats, luxury boats
May - September

Boat rental Johann Tomazej
Seecorso (opposite Velden Castle), Tel: +43(0)4274 4446

Boat rental Nessmann
Seecorso 1, Tel: +43(0)650 9625803,
Electric boats and E-Jet round trips
May + June from 10 - 12.30 and 15 - 18 o'clock; July + August until 20 o'clock

Wassersport Dieter Mulle
Seecorso (opposite Velden Castle), Tel: +43(0)664 3000013 or +43(0)664 3000015
water sports, wakeboard, electric boats, motor boat tours


Water ski and water sports fun center

Seecorso (opposite Schlosshotel Velden)

+43 (0)664 596 3820 or +43 (0)677 62 500 350 (out of season)


Schiefling on Lake Wörthersee:

Strandbad Schiefling am Wörthersee/Auen
Süduferstraße 175, Tel: +43(0)4274 2957
Pedal boats
May - September


Water sports at Hotel Schloss Seefels
Töschling 1, Tel.: +43(0)4272 2377 0,
Parachute flights, Stand Up Paddling, Motor boat tours, Motor boat driving school, Rowing boats

Watersports and boat shuttle Bad Saag
Saag 11, Tel.: +43(0)650 5612356, +43(0)4272 43501
Motorboat tours, day & half-day charters incl. skipper, watersports
May - September


Boat rental Fischer
Blumenpromenade 25, Tel: + 43(0)660 2738070
Pedal and electric boats
Open from 1 May

Wassersport Wörthersee
Mag. Christian Dobnig
Annastraße 42, A-9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee
Tel: +43 699 13201927 | office@wassersport-woerthersee.at

The Quad and Kayak Rental
Hauptstraße 179, Tel: + 43(0)699 10756256,
Kayak Rental
Beginning of May - end of September daily from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Boat rental Lackner
Seeuferstraße 114, Tel: + 43(0)4272 2647

Werzer's sailing school and boat rental Kuzmanic
Werzerpromenade 8, Tel: +43(0)664 1550661


Seesport Wörthersee
Parkbad Krumpendorf, Pamperlallee 35, Tel: +43(0)664 7661685 , www.see-sport.at, office@see-sport.at
water ski school, motorboat cab, lake tours, SUP, kayak and pedal boat rental
May - September

Bad Stich
Koschatweg 67, Tel: +43(0)4229 40258
Pedal boats, Stand up Paddling
May - October

Boat rental Maria-Luise Jaritz
Schiffsanlegestelle, Tel: +43(0)664 1645554 or +43(0)664 5081141
Electric boats, pedal boats, electric cab boat
May - October

Imbiss Shamandra
Strandweg 35, Tel: +43(0)676 4903473
Pedal boats
May - October

Pension Adametz
Strandweg 151, Tel: +43(0)4229 2987
Electric boats, pedal boats, rowing boats, paddle boats
May - October


Water sports Maiernigg
Motorboat tours, tires, wakesurf, sofa , water ski, wakeboard
Tel. 0043 664 3227959

Maria Wörth/Reifnitz:

Wassersport Reifnitz OG
Süduferstraße 104 c, 9081 Reifnitz, Tel: +43(0)4273 2583 or +43(0)664 3410131
Waterskiing, banana, tires, parachute, e-boats, pedal boats
May - September

Nervina Husejnovic
Wörthersee Süduferstraße 108, 9081 Reifnitz, Tel: +43(0)664 4556731
E-boats, pedal boats, rowing boats
May - September

Hotel Seewirt
Fischerweg 12, 9082 Maria Wörth, Tel: +43(0)4273 2257
Sailing boats, surfboards, water skis, e-boats, rowing boats, pedal boats
May - September

Watersports Fam. Hauptmann
Maria Wörth landing stage, 9082 Maria Wörth, Tel: +43(0)664 3412202
Motoboottaxi, lake tours, water skiing, tires, electric boats, pedal boats
May - end of September

Otto Stornig
Uferweg, 9081 Reifnitz, Tel: +43(0)664 1858143
Surfboards, sailboats, pedal boats, kayaks, stand up paddling

Wassersport Lex - lido Dellach - Markus Lex
Süduferstr. 240, 9082 Maria Wörth, Tel: +43(0)676 3367034


Tires, banana, water ski, motorboat cab, round trips, rowing boat
May - October

Charly's Wasserskischule
Parachute Raft Maria Wörth Ostbucht, 9082 Maria Wörth, Tel: +43(0)664 9841488
water ski, tires, banana, parachute, lake tours, motorboat taxi

Keutschach am See
Farm Petritz
Plaschischen 29, Tel: +43(0)4273 2839
2 rowing boats
May - October

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