• Luftaufnahme vom Naturjuwel Meerauge im Bodental
    Meerauge im Bodental Naturschauspielereien im Rosental
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  • <p>Panoramaaufnahme vom Rosental in Kärnten.</p>
    Erlebnis Südkärnten Aufregend ruhig.
  • <p>Sonnenaufgang hinter einem Gipfelkreuz in den Karawanken im Kärntner Rosental.</p>
    Panoramaweg Südalpen Grenzenlose Gipfelsiege

Hiking tours and hiking program Gentle paths and rugged walls

Lace up your mountain boots and go! Experience a few hours of silence and solitude. Let your soul dangle, recharge your batteries, escape from everyday life: while walking and hiking through intact nature. But when the destination is at the top, where the sky is within reach, nothing can stop us. Steep iron paths over bizarre rock faces lead to the personal summit victory.

Rosental Hiking Program

From May to October there are weekly guided hikes to places with great views and hidden treasures of the Rosental, led by Carinthian mountain guides, free of charge for all guests with the Wörthersee Plus Card. Registration according to the description of the respective event in the Plus Card program. Goodbye the calves!

Hiking leisurely on the plain Walk and Stroll

Spring impresses with blooming daffodils on the alpine meadows, in summer it is the refreshing paths along rushing streams and rivers. In the fall, the powerful play of colors in nature beckons, and in the winter, untouched snowy landscapes enchant. In the Rosental, hiking is in season all year round.

Selected walking trails and easy hiking routes:

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
„Drau-Ufer“ Panoramaweg

Difficulty: easy

Length: 4.4 km

Duration: 66 min

Andreas Kranzmayr
© Andreas Kranzmayr
"Au & Drau" - Spaziergang

Difficulty: easy

Length: 7.8 km

Duration: 115 min

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
"Drau-Ebene" Spaziergang

Difficulty: medium

Length: 6.4 km

Duration: 94 min

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
"Künstlerdorf Suetschach" - Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 7.1 km

Duration: 122 min

Tours for young and old Family hikes

On tour with mom and dad: bees, flowers, trees, wishing bell, healing waters, ice age relics - there is so much to discover and marvel at along the numerous, family-friendly hiking trails in the Rosental. When will you finally start?

Here you will find our selection for family hikes:

Ernst Modritsch - www.zwergohreule.at
© Ernst Modritsch
Naturlehrpfad "Zwergohreule"

Difficulty: easy

Length: 6.6 km

Duration: 150 min

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
"Verborgene Gletscherwelt“ - Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 8.3 km

Duration: 154 min

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
"Märchenhafte Augenblicke" - Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 13.4 km

Duration: 245 min

Andreas Kranzmayr
© Andreas Kranzmayr

Difficulty: medium

Length: 9.7 km

Duration: 193 min

Boundlessly impressive Long-distance hikes

Just get away, leave everyday life behind for a short time, feel boundless freedom! You don't have to travel far away to get far away; you don't have to seek danger to find adventure. Or not always create something to discover something new. You just have to look, to go and to get involved in the path. Like the cross-border panoramic path of the Southern Alps.

Even higher up ... Climbing and Mountaineering

With rope, chalk and carabiner: Alpine climbing, sport climbing or bouldering - if only the word climbing means something to you, then you are probably better off with long-distance hiking or the secured via ferratas. However, if you're a passionate climber, you should read on here.

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