Winter hiking on Lake Wörthersee

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And actually you don't really want to strap on your skis yet. Nevertheless, it should be an active winter (vacation), where the white plays a role - but not in the alpine area. And where the fascination of the power of water remains.

The wintry, gentle hills, the wide paths and the sun-drenched vantage points around Lake Wörthersee and the Keutschach lake valley offer a wonderful ambience for winter hikers. It's not about climbing the highest mountain or setting time limits, but rather taking your soul for a walk. The fascination of tranquility in the winter hiking experience is the combination of the elements of water and earth - a play of colors in winter.

Why don't you try it out - Lake Wörthersee in winter. As inspiration, we give you a selection of winter hiking highlights and an extreme variant to take along on your mental journey into this year's winter vacation planning.

Winter hiking on Lake Wörthersee? Schmäh, right?"

No, pure seriousness. And certainly not a marketing gimmick with no content. Hiking doesn't always mean having to climb high mountains. In winter, they are covered with meters of snow anyway. Just as it doesn't mean that "Wörthersee" only stands for summer lifestyle and "dolce far niente". In winter, when the lake comes to rest, it becomes a backdrop from all sides. A picturesque winter hiking idyll opens up here. Wide paths, gentle hills, fantastic viewpoints of the sugared land, the golden rays of the sun and plenty of routes, as long as they are free of ice and snow.

Winter hike along the Pörtschach flower promenade

Discover the idyllic Pörtschach and its surroundings from a completely different side. Especially in Advent, this delightful place is worth a trip. Glittering forests and a picturesque sugared landscape are waiting to enchant you. "Walking in a winter wonderland " - in soft version - and lake view included.

A winter walk through Velden

Also in winter, especially in the Advent season, Velden has a very special charm. Cross-country skiers and tobogganers find an ideal ge(h)terrain in addition to winter hiking. Thus the Wörthersee enchants its guests also beyond the classical seasonal times with offers, which one would not expect here in this abundance at all.

Winter on the Pyramidenkogel

The enthusiasm for the highest observation tower in Europe is unbroken. The wooden tower, which has already been described as a new "Carinthian landmark", offers a fantastic view of the wintry landscape around Lake Wörthersee and into the Keutschach lake valley during the cold season.

Wörthersee EXTREM - ever heard of it?

In contrast to the gentle hikes, WÖRTHERSEE EXTREM is by far the most challenging of all Wörthersee hiking events and a real challenge for body and soul. Frosty and partly frozen paths at the Wörthersee. Nevertheless, hundreds of winter hikers make the pilgrimage to Lake Wörthersee every year and start the new year with a sporty and ambitious resolution that is immediately put into practice. The "tough guys" and "strong girls" are not deterred by the challenge, which starts at midnight, and the adverse external conditions. Finishing the Wörthersee New Year's hike requires not only good physical condition, but above all good preparation - ideally during a winter hike on Lake Wörthersee - and a lot of willpower! Do you have it?

But once from the lake to the mountain on two boards? Sure - with the free ski pass

And if you are longing for more alpine terrain and fun on the slopes on two boards, then the surrounding ski areas are not too far away. And what could be better in winter than a short wellness break, including the option to go skiing for a day? On the local mountain of Villach, the Gerlitzen, you can swing down comfortably and soak up the sun at the same time. Some businesses on Lake Wörthersee will surprise you with winter offers plus a free ski pass for the Gerlitzen. Heart - what more do you want?

Save money even in the cold season with the Wörthersee Plus Card .

With the free guest card you also get free entry and discounts of up to 50% at excursion destinations around Lake Wörthersee, in Klagenfurt and in Central Carinthia in winter. Every guest receives the Wörthersee Plus Card from the 1st overnight stay onwards immediately at check-in. (Validity period: November 02, 2021 to April 02, 2022).

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