Velden on Lake Wörthersee The small chic metropolis in the western bay of the Wörthersee.

Trendy, stylish, modern and yet lovably Carinthian. With this unique attitude to life on probably the most beautiful and best-known lake in Austria, this is how Velden presents itself to its visitors from home and abroad.

Chic boutiques and cozy street cafés characterize the townscape and invite you to stroll and enjoy. If you want to SEE and be SEEN, you can secure a place in the front row of the newly created encounter zone around Casino Velden.

Also a proper piece of Wörthersee film history was written here. That's why the renowned 5-star Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden is not only the vacation home of international stars, but still a coveted photo motif for countless fans of Roy Black, Uschi Glas and Otto Retzer.

Velden impresses with a wide range of offers from top hotels and award-winning restaurants to cozy farms and vacation apartments. Also worth experiencing are the numerous Buschenschenken along the hiking trails, which spoil their guests with delicacies from their own production.

Nowhere is the mix of the traditional down-to-earthness of the Alpine region and the lightness of the south more palpable than here on the shores of Lake Wörthersee. Those looking for relaxation will find what they are looking for in Velden am Wörthersee just as much as party lions. Whether it's a quiet getaway, a relaxing hike through the Roman Gorge, or dancing the night away on the scene in front of the casino; Velden has the perfect offer for everyone - and now all year round.

The big plus for all guests of the region.

Many discounts with our excursion destination partners, the same service providers, gastronomy and infrastructure partners.

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The big plus for all Wörthersee guests

Many discounts at Wörthersee- and Veldener Schifffahrt, Pyramidenkogel, Burg Hochosterwitz, Reptilenzoo Happ, Planetarium Klagenfurt, gastronomic advantages and much more!

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Tours tips for hiking, cycling and co Active in Velden

Franz Gerdl
© Franz Gerdl
Wörthersee Extrem

Difficulty: hard

Length: 70.5 km

Duration: 1020 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Schlosspark Rosegg Runde

Difficulty: easy

Length: 9.5 km

Duration: 180 min

Millstätter See Tourismus GmbH
Kärntner Seenrunde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 140 km

Duration: 270 min

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