• <p>Keine altgewohnte Stadtkulisse, sondern ein internationales Get-Together für Gays, Lesben, alle dazwischen und deren Freunde,… aus unterschiedlichen Ländern direkt am Wörthersee!&nbsp;</p>
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Pink Lake T&amp;C

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ Festival" in Pörtschach am Wörthersee (as of March 2022).

1. organizer:

Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH, FN 168385 a.

Villacher Street 19, 9220 Velden on Lake Wörthersee

Phone: +43 4274 38 288

E-Mail: office@woerthersee.com

Internet: www.woerthersee.com

2. participants:

a.) Participation in the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" is open to any natural person. For children and adolescents, the relevant legal provisions apply with regard to their representation, as well as the relevant provisions of the Youth Protection Act and the provisions of the protection of minors standardized in other laws.

Admission to evening events is permitted for young people over the age of 16 accompanied by an adult.

3. temporal and local validity of these terms and conditions:

a.) With the purchase of the ticket, a contractual relationship is concluded between the purchaser and the organizer, which regulates the visit to the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival". These GTC are an integral part of the contract concluded between the organizer and the visitor.

b.) With the purchase of the admission ticket, the visitor submits on the one hand to these GTC and on the other hand to the unrestrictedly applicable further regulations, in particular the bathing regulations of the Promenadenbad Pörtschach and the venues Hotel Schloss Leonstain, Discotheque Fabrik in Techelsberg as well as the General Conditions of Carriage of WSG Wörthersee Schifffahrt GmbH.

c.) By pre-ordering the ticket, the visitor declares implicitly that he/she accepts these General Terms and Conditions and the submission to the above mentioned contractual and legal regulations. In addition to purchasing tickets in advance, it is also possible to purchase tickets directly at the event.

d.) The purchase of the ticket entitles the visitor to access the event and to consume the services offered by the service providers operating within the framework of the event at a reduced price or free of charge. If the visitor consumes a service offered, a separate contract is concluded at least implicitly between the visitor and the respective service provider, so that the latter is liable exclusively and in accordance with the statutory provisions for the provision of its service in the course of this concluded contract.

e.) The organizer assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from the consumption of the services offered by the individual service providers.

f.) With the purchase of an admission ticket, the following services can be consumed free of charge or at a reduced rate at the places and locations listed:

- Admission to the Promenade Pool Pörtschach

- Rides with the water sports provider waver. Wakeboard and water ski school at the specified times

- Participation in the Beach Games

- Admission to the "Pinken Wies'n" at Hotel Schloss Leonstain

- Admission to the Almdudler Almrausch party at Hotel Schloss Leonstain

- Shuttle bus from Pörtschach to Techelsberg to Discotheque Fabrik

- Admission to the Club Night at the Discotheque Fabrik

- Trip on a Wörthersee boat as part of the Pink Lake Boat Cruise Party

4. purchase of the entrance tickets or the event band:

a.) With the purchase of the admission ticket, the purchaser has entered into the contractual relationship with the organizer of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" described above. The admission ticket designed as a ticket can be purchased in advance by ordering it on the Internet and then sending it or - depending on availability - directly at the event.

b.) For the purchase of this ticket the prices shown by the organizer of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" are valid, which also include VAT and other legal charges in the prescribed amount.

c.) After receiving the ticket, the purchaser is still allowed to pass it on to third parties. This, however, shall be exclusively subject to the transfer of the rights and obligations arising from the present General Terms and Conditions and the relevant contractual and statutory provisions described above.

d.) Together with the ticket, the purchaser will receive a colored event wristband at the corresponding entrance point, which entitles the purchaser to consume the services of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival". The right to attend the event and to consume the offered services free of charge or at a reduced price is proven by wearing the event wristband.

e.) The transferability of the event wristband to another person is excluded from the moment the event wristband is permanently attached around one of the two wrists. The organizer reserves the right to check the access authorization, i.e. the wearing of the event wristband, and to deny access to the event or exclude the visitor from the event if the access authorization is missing.

f.) The control takes place by checking the condition of the event band, which can be used to determine whether the event band has been used for the first time or several times. In any case, the event band must be worn on a wrist until the end of the event.

5. behavior during the event:

a.) The visitors of the event have to follow the instructions of employees of the organizer and of the security staff during the whole duration of the event. The visitor is liable for all damages caused by his own negligence to the property of the organizer or individual service providers.

b.) After a one-time reprimand by the Organizer's staff, the Event Visitors may exclude the Event Visitors from the consumption of free and discounted services provided by the Service Providers, without refunding the entrance fee, if the visitor

- disturbs, harasses or threatens another visitor of the event during the event

- the visitor persistently disobeys the orders of the staff

- behaves in such an inappropriate manner that it is detrimental to the reputation of the event organizer (heavy drinking, etc.)

- does not comply with the regulations of the respective venue.

6. change of the program:

a.) The Organizer has the right to change the program of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" or accompanying events, as well as to make the change of individual showmen and service providers, provided that this does not substantially change the character of the event or eliminate it altogether.

b.) The change of the program as well as of the individual service providers is also possible without prior announcement on the Internet or through print media or other advertising media.

7. Cancellation of the Event/Refund Claim:

a.) The event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" will basically take place in any weather. However, the organizer reserves the right of total cancellation if the event appears to be impracticable due to weather conditions. Cancellation due to weather conditions is necessary if the event appears to be impracticable for its entire planned duration as a result of heavy thunderstorms, heavy snowfall or hail or also heavy gusts of wind or other severe weather phenomena. In case of such a total cancellation, the visitors are entitled to a refund with regard to the payment of the entrance fee.

b.) If the visitor has purchased the ticket via an advance booking platform, in the event of a total cancellation of the event, the reversal of the transaction shall in principle also only take place via this advance booking platform and the visitor shall be referred exclusively to the advance booking platform for the assertion of his refund claims.

c.) It is also possible for the organizer to cancel the event on individual days only or to cancel the event that has already begun in the event of massive weather-related circumstances. If the event starts at the scheduled time and is subsequently cancelled or interrupted on individual days, the visitor shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

d.) In the event of a total cancellation due to force majeure other than the weather conditions described above, the organizer shall not be entitled to refund the entrance fee to the visitor.

e.) The organizer may cancel the event in whole or in part for reasons for which he is responsible up to a maximum of two weeks before the event, whereby the visitor who has ordered an admission ticket in advance must be informed of this or a corresponding message must be posted on the Internet forums. Total cancellations within the two-week period before the event are only possible due to the above-mentioned weather-related circumstances. In both cases, the visitor is entitled to a refund of the entrance fee.

f.) In case of loss of the tickets, any claims for return, enrichment and other claims of the visitor against the organizer are excluded in any case.

8. compensation for damages:

a.) Claims for damages of any kind of the visitor against the organizer are excluded, as far as the organizer, his legal representatives or also his vicarious agents have not acted intentionally or grossly negligent and no essential contractual obligations have been violated. A liability of the organizer for the services rendered by the service providers as well as in case of self-infliction by the visitor is excluded in any case.

b.) Likewise, liability of the organizer is excluded if it was not possible for him to avoid the damage due to the circumstances. Any justified claims for damages by the visitor against the organizer shall be limited to the positive damage and shall in no case concern damages in the area of lost profit.

c.) The organizer is not liable for damaged, lost, stolen or worthless objects.

d.) Participation in all program points of the events "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival" is basically at your own risk, therefore no liability whatsoever is assumed by Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH for any injuries and/or adverse health consequences.

e.) Swimming on the beach is only allowed for swimmers and is at your own risk. Any other use of the area is also at your own risk.

9. media presentation:

a.) The holder of an admission ticket or the event tape valid as admission authorization expressly agrees, without demanding any remuneration for this from the organizer, that images of him taken in the course of the event may be reproduced and used for an unlimited period of time for advertising, PR, event documentation, image and public relations work, also repeatedly.

b.) The recordings may be used, also edited and in excerpts, in electronic media (e.g. social media, websites, film), on the radio and in own and third-party print media (e.g. newspapers, magazines) by the organizer. However, the use of the recordings in a manner that is degrading or disparaging is not permitted. With this restriction, the ticket holder also agrees to the processing of the recordings.

c.) The Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH is entitled to pass on the images to third parties - but exclusively for the promotion of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival".

d.) The visitor thus authorizes the organizer to use the photographs taken by him, even if an identity is clearly recognizable, without wanting to demand compensation for this. This only applies to photographs and other pictorial representations that were taken within the time frame of the event and during the consumption of the offered services.

e.) Images taken outside the temporal framework of the event may not be used on the part of the organizer and publication in the various media may be prohibited on the part of the visitor even if compensation is claimed.

10. Other provisions:

a.) Should any provision of the GTC be wholly or partially invalid or later lose its legal effect, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provisions, another appropriate provision shall apply - insofar as this is legally permissible - which comes as close as possible in economic terms to what the contracting parties intended or would have intended if they had considered the invalidity of the provision, taking into account the principles of good faith and custom.

b.) The General Terms and Conditions and the Bathing Rules of the Park Pool may be adapted to the requirements of the event "Pink Lake LGBTQ* Festival". The organizer will make the appropriate dispositions for this purpose and the visitors agree to accept these dispositions.

c.) All additional agreements are not valid. Changes and additions to the GTC must be made in writing.

d.) The place of jurisdiction and fulfillment for all rights and liabilities is Klagenfurt, so that the local and factually competent courts in Klagenfurt are responsible for any legal disputes.

e.) Austrian law shall apply exclusively.

f.) The German text of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) is exclusively authoritative.

g.) The rights and obligations arising from the General Terms and Conditions shall pass to the legal successors of the organizer.

h.) In general, the General Terms and Conditions of Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH shall apply.

11. covid-19 provisions:

a.) Attendance of the events is at the participant's own risk. The events may only be attended if the relevant COVID-19 symptoms are completely free. Visitors without stable health are advised to refrain from attending the event.

b.) Visitors with relevant COVID-19 symptoms may not be admitted to the venue or may be expelled from the event despite having a valid ticket.

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