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Cycling in the Wörthersee-Rosental region

On Lake Wörthersee, leisure cyclists and mountain bikers can get off to a great start as early as April and make the most of the ideal conditions well into October. For all racing cyclists, the season lasts much longer. Depending on the weather conditions, you can cycle on Lake Wörthersee almost all year round.

What are you interested in?

Pleasure bike and e-bike

On a leisurely discovery tour

THE cycle tour on Lake Wörthersee is the Wörthersee Tour via the northern shore and the Keutschach 4 Lakes Valley. It is an absolute "must do" for pleasure cyclists during a stay at Lake Wörthersee. The approx. 50 km long route takes around 3 hours and covers just 400 meters in altitude. This makes it suitable for both normal bikes and, of course, perfect for e-bikes.

Along the flat northern shore of Lake Wörthersee, there are countless refreshment stops and opportunities to take a dip in the lake at the open access points. Cyclists who prefer to take it easy usually just cycle from Velden to Metnitzstrand in Klagenfurt - or vice versa - and return on the Wörthersee boat trip.

All those who prefer a more sporty ride can add the second part via Viktring and the 4-lake valley of Keutschach.

Other popular pleasure bike tours:

Castles cycle path (Velden, Rosegg, Wernberg, Damtschach castles)
Length: 29.6 km; duration: 2:30 hours; ascent/descent: 280 m altitude difference

Around the Kathreinkogel
Length: 18.1 km; duration: 1:50 hours; ascent/descent: 300 vertical meters

Wörthersee round trip (via the southern shore)
Length: 41.3 km; duration: 4:30 hours; ascent/descent: 150 vertical meters

Roundthe Faaker See (from Velden)
Length: 35.4 km; duration: 3:30 hours; ascent/descent: 438 vertical meters

Mountain biking on Lake Wörthersee

Touring biking

At Lake Wörthersee there is also the possibility of undertaking some passable tours on the Ossiacher Tauern, i.e. on the northern shore of Lake Wörthersee. Of course, the region cannot be compared with the alpine mountain bike regions. The tours should be seen as a complementary offer to the unique lake vacation in the Wörthersee lifestyle region. And there are also a few fine routes here that are a worthwhile destination for mountain bikers.

Mountain bike route Techelsberg
Length: 17.6 km; Duration: 1:45 hours; Ascent/descent: 560 meters altitude difference

Techelsberg- Pörtschach connecting trail
Length: 6.8 km; duration: 0:45 hours; ascent/descent: 280 vertical meters

Pörtschach Bannwald Tour
Length: 8.7 km; duration: 1:00 hours; ascent/descent: 295 vertical meters

Pörtschach - Krumpendorf connecting trail
Length: 3.3 km; duration: 0:15 hours; ascent/descent: 66 vertical meters

Panoramarunde Krumpendorf
Length: 15.2 km; duration: 1:30 hours; ascent/descent: 370 vertical meters

Our tip for ambitious mountain bikers

Combine all sections into one long Techelsberg - Krumpendorf tour!

Trails & more

Lake Wörthersee offers a tour route for mountain bikers. If you prefer it a little faster and are looking for cool trails for your bike, we recommend our neighboring region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See. You'll find everything your heart desires at lake.bike.

Roadbike at Lake Wörthersee

Just call it Velo Wörthersee

When a former professional cyclist and legend of the cycling scene, Johnny Hoogerland, chooses Velden as his adopted home, it speaks for itself. In addition to the country and its people, the Dutch road cycling champion and Tour de France polka dot jersey holder chose Lake Wörthersee primarily because of the (almost) year-round ideal training conditions. If you follow Johnny on Strava, you will discover the selectivity of the tours.

Lake Wörthersee has become a household name in insider circles. Far away from the overcrowded road bike hotspots, there is plenty to experience here.

You can find all the information you need about road biking on our community portal: velo.woerthersee.com

Wellness for your bike

Specialist workshops and repair services

Cyclists on Lake Wörthersee can bring their bikes here for service and repair:

Uran BikeShop - Bike Rental & Test Center Velden
E-bike rental, test center, sales, service
e-MTB, e-road bike, e-trekking bike, e-children's bikes and normal bikes
Villacher Strasse 10, 9220 Velden
Summer opening hours: Mon. - Sun. 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Winter opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9.00 am - 12.00 pm
Tel.: +43 (0)664-3839502
E-Mail EEplus.at

Triasport - Bike Center Schiefling
Keutschacher Straße 179, 9535 Schiefling
Tel.: +43 (0)4274-52536

Sione Custom Bikes Pörtschach

Haupstrasse 187, 9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee

Tel: +43 4272 83432

EMail: info@sportart.at

Special Bikes Moosburg

Krumpendorfer Straße 4
9062 Moosburg

Tel: +43 664 26 24 482

EMail: special-bikes@gmx.at

Bike doctor Gerd Lanzinger Moosburg

Preßgasse 8

9062 Moosburg

Tel: +43 650 5002470

EMail: gerd.lanzinger@gmx.at

Gravel Bike and Lost Places Discoveries

Full throttle gravel!

Your tires kick up small stones as you follow old paths that lead you to the region's hidden treasures. Lost places, forgotten places that whisper stories of days long gone. These expeditions on your gravel bike are not just a journey through the picturesque landscape, but also a journey into the past, an immersion in the secrets that Lake Wörthersee knows how to keep. Every lost place you discover along the tour suggestions is like a window into another time, an invitation to pause and feel a deep connection with nature and history.

Gravel biking in the region is a unique symbiosis of sport, adventure, quirky stories and cultural discovery. It is a tribute to the freedom of experiencing the landscape in such an intimate way and exploring places that are off the beaten track. It is an invitation to embrace the southern attitude to life that is echoed here in the silence of the Lost Places.

Incidentally, the annual Wörthersee Gravel Race of the UCI World Gravel Series is also about a legend. Well over a thousand athletes from all over the world compete in the region to unravel the mystery of "Gralf" the Wörtherseemandl.

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