• <p>Advent in Velden. Die Engelstadt am Wörthersee.</p>
    Velden Engelstadt am Wörthersee
  • Velden Engelstadt am Wörthersee

Dear children!

Unbelievable how fast time flies, isn't it? It's been a year since we heard from each other. Well, and Christmas is just around the corner again. You can imagine that we have a lot to do in the Heavenly Workshop again. For this reason, I will tell you a story from our angels' everyday life every day this year and also reveal one or two of my secrets to you.

Every other day I have also thought of a fun activity for you to participate in. There are crafting tips, my favorite recipes, fun riddles and much more. Just let me surprise you. If you feel like it, feel free to send me a photo of your creations at aigner@velden.at. I am always happy to read from you.

I would especially like to thank Oskar Pointecker from the Innviertel, who with his beautiful and lovingly designed illustrations delivers our angels everyday life figuratively to you in house. THANK YOU Oskar, you are just great!

Now I wish you lots of fun reading aloud, listening, reading for yourself and participating! And of course a wonderful Advent season to all of you!

Your Fabian

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