Marienpilgerweg 5. Etappe: Maria Saal - Maria Wörth

  • Wallfahrtskirche Maria Saal, Arndorfer Altar
    © Monika Gschwandner


Leave Maria Saal from the cathedral square via the staircase in the Zunkgasse to the south, follow the Maria-Saaler-Berg-Weg to the fire department, turn right here into the Ratzendorferstraße, keep right again after a few meters at the wayside shrine and reach Ratzendorf via the Seiserweg and subsequently the Zollfeld Landesstraße. Cross this road to the right and follow the signs for the cycle and hiking trail, cross under the railroad and the expressway and hike across the Zollfeld to Karnburg. At the beginning of Karnburg turn onto the Glanradweg and walk east of the river to Klagenfurt, where the cycle path joins Milesistraße. Keep to the right and walk to Magereggerstraße, cross the Glan to the right here and after a long left turn you come to Mageregg Castle (Maria Saal - Klagenfurt, Mageregg Castle: 7 km). At the parking lot along the castle wall, continue hiking, cross Feldkirchnerstraße to the west at an underpass, keep left twice at the next forks in the road and come south of the MegabauMax hardware store directly onto Feldkirchnerstraße. Now you have to walk, willy-nilly, along the footpath and cycle path parallel to Feldkirchnerstraße for 2 km into town. At the height of the Hemmakirche, leave Feldkirchnerstraße, which makes a slight left turn here, and continue straight ahead into Aichelburg-Labia-Straße. The worst of the noise and traffic is now behind you. The path continues to Lerchenfeldstraße and along this, regardless of the many cross streets, straight south to the Lendkanal (Klagenfurt, Mageregg - Klagenfurt, Lendkanal/Tarviserstraße: 4.3 km), which you follow west out to Minimundus. This 4 km long waterway, which connects the city with Lake Wörthersee, is almost romantically beautiful, lined with magnificent villas and an avenue, in the shade of which it is possible to wander along in a relaxed manner. About halfway you reach the Steinerne Brücke, a popular meeting place for Klagenfurt residents on their way from the city to the lake and known for its good ice cream parlors. Finally, at the level of Minimundus, cross the Lendkanal over the Loreleisteg to the south and then keep to the right. In a large arc you then pass to the west of the newly built Lindner Seepark Hotel and then turn into the Wörthersee Süduferstraße, which you follow along the cycle path to the south until you reach the intersection at the Hotel Rösch/junction Viktring. Here you have to be careful, because you have to cross several streets. South of the intersection you then turn into Jugenddorfstraße. Now it goes uphill for the first time on this day. By the way, from Hotel Rösch you will already find the blue-white-blue markings of the Wörthersee circular hiking trail next to the Marienpilgerweg markings. Having reached the Maiernigg Alpe, the path turns into the forest (Klagenfurt, Lendkanal - Klagenfurt, Maiernigg Alpe: 6 km). After about an hour in the shady mixed beech forest, with occasional views of Lake Wörthersee, you reach the two Spintikteiche, core area of the nature reserve of the same name (Maiernigg Alpe - Spintikteiche: 3.7 km). The trees are reflected in the calm moor water, sometimes a boisterous fish breaks the surface, a small stream splashes next to the path, a bench invites you to rest and look. Simply beautiful! After another hour, you arrive in Reifnitz (Spintikteiche - Reifnitz: 4 km). The path leads via Raunacherstraße directly down to the lake. Turn left, pass the municipal office, cross the Reifnitzbach stream, immediately turn left again into the stream promenade, follow it for about 300 m before turning right into Lindenweg. After a few meters you reach a traffic island with a wayside shrine. Here you keep to the left and walk uphill along Schulstraße until you reach the Filialkirche St. Anna. Behind the church, follow the path to the right and in about 20 minutes you will reach the stage destination Maria Wörth (Reifnitz - Maria Wörth: 2.5 km).