• <p>Paar beim Wandern in den Hügeln und entlang des Ufers am Wörthersee.</p>
    Wandern mit dem Schiff Eine einmalige Kombination

Hiking with the ship

The combination of the two wonderful elements, shipping and hiking is rare enough. Here on Lake Wörthersee there are countless possibilities to put together your own personal hiking days. Take the ship to the starting point, hike a bit, continue by ship, or start hiking from the hotel and return later by ship. In short: hiking with the ship is always exciting because of the many possible combinations! And this unique combination with such a wide range of attractive hiking trails is only available on Lake Wörthersee! Firstly, with the Wörthersee Schifffahrt or the Velden Schifffahrt you can reach all the landing stages on the lake at low cost, because with the Wörthersee Plus Card you receive a 50% discount on the scheduled boat trips. And secondly, there are wonderful walks of every length starting from every landing stage.

All info about the Wörthersee boat trip Timetable, moorings and theme cruises

Hiking with the ship Ideas and inspiration for the perfect getaway

Highlight Pyramidenkogel

With the ship to the Pyramidenkogel! The hike to the Pyramidenkogel is certainly one of the highlights of hiking by boat on Lake Wörthersee. The standard hiking routes run from Dellach, Maria Wörth or Reifnitz on the well described hiking trails up to the lookout tower and back.

However, we give you here our very special insider tip:

It is best to take the circular hiking trail from Reifnitz to Maria Wörth. For this easy hike you need about 2 hours for the ascent and 1 hour for the descent. With a leisurely rest and a visit to the lookout tower, you should allow a total of 5 hours, or half a day.

From Reifnitz, you first walk through the Reifnitz Moor with the nature trail, and then slowly climb up to St. Margarethen to the old church. Here you should definitely take a break and enjoy the view of Lake Wörthersee.

From here, the trail climbs steeply to the top of the Pyramidenkogel. Here awaits as a reward one of the most beautiful viewpoints in all of Carinthia: the lookout tower!

It is the highest wooden lookout tower in the world and offers you on the one hand an incomparable view over the entire Wörthersee. On nice days, you can also look far into the Carinthian countryside. The unforgettable panorama stretches from the Saualpe in the east to the Hohe Tauern in the west, and from the Karawanken and Julian Alps in the south to the Gurktaler Alps and Nockberge in the north! But don't forget to take the Wörthersee Plus Card with you, because with it you also get a 20% discount on the entrance fee!

After the visit to the lookout tower, it's back down to Lake Wörthersee. Be sure to take the variant back to Maria Wörth. Because then you can visit another Wörthersee highlight quasi "in passing": the peninsula of the same name with the two churches!

By boat to the Slow Trail Römerschlucht and further to the Forstsee.

A beautiful, easy hike: Take the boat from one of the numerous landing stages on Lake Wörthersee to Velden. From there it is a 30 minute walk to the starting point of the "Römerschlucht - Hike". The start of the actual hike begins exactly where you would probably not expect it, namely right above the Lifestyle Hot Spot Velden. This trail is a plea for slowness and invites you to mindful hiking. Once you get around the first bend of the trail, you are immersed in the silence of the forest and can concentrate entirely on yourself, your rhythm while walking and your breathing.

The popular end points or turning points are on the one hand the viewpoint at the "Hoher Kreuz" and on the other hand the Forstsee. For this hike it is best to plan about 2 hours from Velden for the hike to the "Hoher Kreuz" or 4 hours if you also want to walk around the Forstsee.

From the Velden boat landing stage to the Kathreinkogel mountain

From the landing stage in Velden you walk in the direction of Schiefling. From there, the Kathreinkogel circuit begins. You walk through the Schiefling forest to the foot of the Kathreinkogel. Along the information boards about the history of settlement from the Neolithic Age to Roman times, the path then winds its way to the top of the Kathreinkogel, where the small church, the House of Archaeology and the widely known wishing tree await the hikers as a worthwhile destination.

Tip for the whole family: Prepare your own personal wish at home. Write it on a small wooden board. The wooden board should have a small hole so that you can thread a suitable string through it and when you arrive at the wishing tree, attach it to the tree. The wind will carry your heart's desire out into the world and thus make it come true! Afterwards, pause on the bench at the adjacent lookout point, enjoy the view and take a lot of strength from this wonderful place.

Should be planned from Dellach about 5 hours or half a day for this beautiful hike to the Kathreinkogel.

Attention: for this hike you have to follow two different signposts! First from Velden to Schiefling the signage "Zur Kathreinkogel-Runde" and only here you are then on the signposted route "Kathreinkogel Runde"!


Hiking with the ship - from Krumpendorf to the Pirkerkogel.

From the boat landing you walk along the Pamperlallee. There the path passes by the Parkbad and leads through the small village along the calming waterway in the direction of Pirk. The trail continues to the highest point of this path - the Pirkerkogel. This leisurely hiking trail is very popular due to its moderate ascent. In addition, you are rewarded by breathtaking views over Lake Wörthersee. Especially worthwhile is the ascent at sunset!

Tip: this loop is also ideal for all trail runners! Since it is part of the Wörthersee circular hiking trail, it can also be extended as far as you like!

Second tip: How about a quick cool down after the hike in the Wörthersee? The trail leads past the Parkbad again. This is the municipal pool in Krumpendorf, which has little attractions ready for the whole family!

Plan at best about 3 hours for the round hike to the Pirkerkogel.

The selected tours incl. map for download Always on the right track!

© Pichler-Koban
Pirkerkogel Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 8.7 km

Duration: 150 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Maria Wörth - Reifnitz

Difficulty: medium

Length: 11.2 km

Duration: 262 min

Johann Jaritz - Johann Jaritz
© Johann Jaritz
Kathreinkogel Runde

Difficulty: medium

Length: 12.8 km

Duration: 220 min

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TIP: The Wörthersee Hiking Route Info Package.

"With the hiking book about the most beautiful hikes on Lake Wörthersee and the additional Wörthersee hiking map, guests have another way to find and plan their favorite hikes in addition to the interactive hiking map (GPX download at the individual hiking routes)!"

Just order the free hiking route info package and start hiking !

Alternatively, you can also pick up the hiking book and hiking map at all tourist information offices in the Wörthersee region!

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