• <p>Der Wörthersee EXTREM ist eine Ultrawanderung mit 72km und ca. 2000hm rund um den Wörthersee im tiefsten Winter.</p>
    7. - 8. Jänner 2023
  • <p>Sonnenaufgang hinter einem Gipfelkreuz in den Karawanken im Kärntner Rosental.</p>
    Panoramaweg Südalpen Gipfelmomente in den Karawanken
  • Grenzenlos Perfekte Aussichten
  • Natur erleben mit der ganzen Familie
  • Schiffswandern
    Wörthersee verbindet Wandern mit dem Schiff
  • In den sanften Hügeln Durchatmen

Hiking around Lake Wörthersee!

Marching along sun-drenched lakeside promenades, through green forests, across cool moors and up gentle hills to unique starting points. Down to the most wonderful water in Austria and back home by boat - that's hiking on Lake Wörthersee. Here it is not about climbing high peaks, but about pleasurable hiking with gentle slopes.

Hiking at the Wörthersee guests find their slow down after the high life. Lake Wörthersee is the perfect place to relax and sink into the rhythm of walking. Perfect for those who want to experience more than just a stroll, but still don't want to climb steep paths.


Hiking on Lake Wörthersee - there is something for everyone!

Apart from the Wörthersee circular hiking trail and the region's total network of 400km of trails, there are also guided hikes during the Golden Hiking Autumn. Here, guided hikes take place daily and are free for all guests with the Wörthersee Plus Card ! At the Wörthersee hiking events, long-distance hikers can put their skills to the test on the 62km ultra hikes. But also all those who like to experience magical or enjoyable moments with event character and a few long hike, will certainly get their money's worth at the 3 different hiking events at Lake Wörthersee!

Even yoga friends will get their money's worth on the yoga path in Velden, as will music lovers on theBrahms trail in Pörtschachand dropouts on time at theSlow Trail Roman Gorgeat your expense.

Long-distance hikers on the Alpe Adria Trail can also enjoy hiking on Lake Wörthersee through the Velden station. Lovers of theLake Wörthersee circular hiking trailanyway!

Hiking in Carinthia is nowhere more tasteful, lovely and at the same time more adventurous than at Lake Wörthersee.

It's good to have you there!

In stages or as a long distance hike The Wörthersee circular hiking trail

A unique hike with a southern flair. Through picturesque villages, past numerous bodies of water and through cool forests. Discover the diversity of the Wörthersee landscape. Alone, or with friends. With or without luggage.

The Wörthersee circular hiking trail is divided into several stages and is very well signposted and therefore also doable alone. However, for those who would like to walk several stages and like to leave the backpack in the hotel, our bookable offers may be a good alternative. All those who would like to go around the lake in one go and with friends or a larger hiking community should join one of the three Wörthersee hiking events!

Recommendations for active Hiking tips at the Wörthersee

We would like to give you a small overview of special hiking recommendations and tips on Lake Wörthersee. Just let yourself be inspired or ask at the local tourist information offices for popular tours and hikes in the individual towns around Lake Wörthersee. In addition, you will find a variety of offers that can be wonderfully combined with the fascination of walking in nature. For example, you can reach the most beautiful starting points for the hikes around the lake by boat. Many excursion destinations and attractions can be hiked to perfectly. Combine your personal experiences as you wish.

Hiking trail tips for all levels of difficulty Hiking tours on Lake Wörthersee

At first glance, the landscape around Lake Wörthersee may seem very gentle and slightly hilly. However, numerous hikes offer a surprisingly high number of meters in altitude that have to be conquered. Nevertheless, you will also find plenty of really gentle tours to relax and recharge your batteries. A special feature of the region is also the possibility to complete extended hikes and trail runs very early in the year, since due to the moderate altitude and mild temperatures, snow-free conditions can be expected on the hiking trails already in the early months.

Christian Fatzi - Wörthersee Tourismus / Christian Fatz
© Christian Fatzi
Slow Trail - Schaukelweg (St. Margarethen Runde)

Difficulty: medium

Length: 6.1 km

Duration: 125 min

Andreas Irnstorfer
© Andreas Irnstorfer
Pyramidenkogelweg Dellach

Difficulty: medium

Length: 14.8 km

Duration: 285 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Moorwanderung Keutschach

Difficulty: easy

Length: 7.7 km

Duration: 150 min

Andreas Irnstorfer
© Andreas Irnstorfer
Drei-Seen Wanderung

Difficulty: medium

Length: 13.4 km

Duration: 285 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Keutschacher Panoramaweg

Difficulty: medium

Length: 12.4 km

Duration: 270 min

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
Hoher Gallin Weg

Difficulty: medium

Length: 7.1 km

Duration: 180 min

Andreas Irnstorfer
© Andreas Irnstorfer
Slow Trail Römerschlucht

Difficulty: medium

Length: 6.9 km

Duration: 120 min

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