Marienpilgerweg 6. Etappe: Maria Wörth - Maria Gail

  • Wallfahrtskirche Maria Gail
    © Monika Gschwandner


From Maria Wörth, head west, cross the Wörthersee Süduferstraße and after a few meters at the Haus Seekogel guesthouse, turn onto the uphill Försterweg. With a last view you say goodbye to Lake Wörthersee before the path dips into the shade of the forest. After about 2 km, at the Teixl cross, you again meet the blue-white-blue markings of the Wörthersee circular hiking trail, whose course the Marienpilgerweg follows on this day until shortly before Augsdorf. After barely an hour at the idyllically situated Trattnigteich, it is still too early for a break and so you stay on the path, which branches off to the right at the Landgasthof Trattnig and immediately leads into the forest again (Maria Wörth - Trattnigteich: 3 km). About 1.5 hours later, following the signs to Gasthof Weißes Rössl and Velden, you will reach the village of Auen (Trattnigteich - Auen: 5 km). If you feel the need for a break, you can stop here at Gasthof Erlenheim, which is located directly on the trail. An estimated 200 m later, the trail turns left. You walk a few steps along a stream, then keep to the right at an old, uninhabited house and walk along a forest path in the direction of Augsdorf or Velden. Unexpectedly, the path leads into a torrent ditch. Here the Marienpilgerweg branches off from the Wörthersee circular hiking trail to the south, follows the course of the stream for a short distance, crosses it to the right at a wooden bridge and comes directly to the church of St. Mary Queen of the Rosary in Augsdorf (Auen - Augsdorf: 2.5 km). If you want to visit it, don't be afraid to ring the bell in the vicarage.

From the church you come to the Keutschacher Landesstraße. Cross the road to the right and after 20 m turn left into the Landweg, which continues for a few meters in the forest and after another 500 m leads into the Waldrandweg. Here you turn left in the direction of Selpritsch and walk along the garden fence at a detached house across a meadow before immediately re-entering the forest. After another kilometer, the path joins an asphalt road (Aicherstraße). Follow this road to the left and after about 100 m turn right onto a meadow path that runs along the edge of the forest before turning left again into the forest a few meters later. Via the so-called Augsdorfer Waldweg and the Selpritscher Straße you finally reach directly the church of the village (Augsdorf - Selpritsch: 3.3 km).

From Selpritsch, continue west along a meadow and forest path until you reach the Rosegger Landesstraße, which you cross to the left in order to turn right into Lindner Straße on the opposite side. Follow this road and after about 200 m turn right again to the Filialkirche of St. Lambrecht. Now you walk along the Lindner Straße via Emmersdorf (Selpritsch - Emmersdorf: 2.2 km) to Bergl, where you turn left at a crossroads into the Wudmather Weg, a gravel road, following the signs for the R1 cycle path. Soon after you reach the small village of Wudmath and here you go directly to the dam, then keep to the right and follow the cycle path westwards to the Draubrücke bridge of Föderlach. (Emmersdorf - Draubrücke Föderlach: 4.6 km). Here you cross the river to the south and at the end of the bridge turn right along a narrow path into the village of Graschitz.

Cross the village, pass a Marian chapel and a little later you come to the traffic circle of St. Niklas (intersection of Großsattel-, Ribnig-, Rosegger Landesstraße). Leave the traffic circle to the right in the direction of Villach and now you have to walk along the busy road for about 800 m before you turn left into a slightly ascending logging trail. At the forks in the forest, keep to the right and after 1 km you will again reach an asphalt road. Here you turn right again and march along the Fuchsbichlweg via the villages of Kratschach and Serai to the west until you reach the Faaker See main road. Here, too, keep to the right and follow the footpath downhill. At the next bend, the forest then suddenly gives you a view of the city of Villach and the entire Villach basin as far as the Dobratsch in the west. At the first regulated crossing, cross the B 84 to the left and walk along Anton Tuder Strasse to the pilgrimage church of Maria Gail, the destination and at the same time the cultural-historical highlight of the day (Draubrücke Föderlach - Maria Gail: 7 km).


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Safety instructions

Walking the pilgrimage route is at your own risk.


In the Buschenschenke Jost in Selpritsch you can get the church key for the filial church of the village. This is also an ideal place for a leisurely lunch break. But beware, the Buschenschenke is not open all year round! Therefore, it is necessary to inquire in advance.

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