• <p>Gravelbike Touren und Lost Places in Kärnten entdecken. </p>
  • <p>Gravelbike und Lost Places Experience in der Region Wörthersee. Verfallene und vergessen Orte mit dem Gravelbike entdecken. Die schönsten Touren und GPS Tracks in Kärnten.</p>
  • <p>Gravelbike und Lost Places Experience in der Region Wörthersee. Verfallene und vergessen Orte mit dem Gravelbike entdecken. Die schönsten Touren und GPS Tracks in Kärnten.</p>

The new dimension of experience Gravelbike and Lost Places

Even the community of fixie lovers has realized in the meantime that it can be even hipper, but above all more multifunctional. With the advent of gravel bikes, completely new facets of cycling have opened up. While the driving speed reaches approximately that of a racing bicycle, most different undergrounds become now passable. The style-conscious gravel bikers can now be found in Carinthia in almost any terrain. By expanding the range of possibilities and activities, the gravel sport bikes at Lake Wörthersee will take you to any number of places with exciting stories and photo spots. Constant companions are dreamlike views and magnificent landscapes.


We promise you that your tours will not only be remembered for their scenic impressions. Discover a variety of Lost Places that our book authors and absolute insiders Georg Lux and Helmut Weichselbraun have researched and compiled for you. Not interested in all the Lost Places stuff? No problem, the Gravelbike tours were created together with our "Gravel ambassador" and Neo-Wörtherseer Johnny Hoogerland. If you take a look at his personal Strava heatmap, you'll see that there are hardly any roads and paths that he hasn't ridden yet. No joke!

Boundless tours on Gravelbike

With its location in the central area of Carinthia, Lake Wörthersee offers the perfect "base camp" for all cycling enthusiasts. Short selective routes or extended day tours are equally on offer. With the Gravelbike additionally a lot of new possibilities open up. To the northwest of Lake Wörthersee, the Ossiacher Tauern stretch all the way to Lake Ossiach, and to the northeast, the Moosburger Hügelland. Both elevations are true treasure troves when it comes to elevation-rich gravel routes. South of Lake Wörthersee, the Sattnitz awaits as a hilly intermediate stage before you reach the ultimate gravel speed route, the Drau cycle path.

In general, the gravel destination of Lake Wörthersee can be classified as technically quite easy terrain. Breakneck trails with difficult surfaces will not surprise you on our tours. Rather, you'll get your money's worth on the classic gravel stretches, while you pedal off the very selective terrain and the constantly changing landscapes. The term "enjoyment" is notoriously elastic. However, the feedback from the community includes it quite often. By the way, the routes are perfect for all e-gravel bikers.

While road cyclists and pleasure cyclists would like to see an asphalt surface along the entire Drau cycle path, this only costs gravel bikers a smile. The predominantly flat route is, in cycling terms, the lifeline par excellence. The largely graveled roadway connects Upper and Lower Carinthia. On our Tour suggestions you will immediately notice that the Drau cycle path (as well as the Gail cycle path) is mostly a component for connecting to other routes. In the area of Faaker See you should definitely cycle through the Faaker Moor and experience fantastic views in the area around Kopein. Finally, the southern border of the province is formed by the rugged Karawanken. Here, too, we have put together some routes for you.

For those who are not afraid of longer tours, we recommend "border tours" to Italy and Slovenia as well as in the direction of the Nockberge mountains.

When compiling the tours, we have tried to find a pleasant mix of paved surfaces, gravel and unpaved paths. Since not all paths and forest roads in Carinthia are freely passable, we will guide you along legal routes on our tours. Please respect this also in the context of FairPlay with landowners, agriculture and hunters.


Graveler as a guest Nice to have a ride at us

Boundless discoveries Lost Places in the border triangle

Fantastic landscapes, cultural diversity, multifaceted cuisine and truly limitless leisure opportunities. The border triangle of Austria - Italy - Slovenia offers locals and guests alike a living space that leaves little to be desired. The Mediterranean influence sweetens the region with a portion of lightness and a very special attitude towards life.


Geopolitical importance of the region


Historically, however, the region from the main ridge of the Alps to the Adriatic Sea looks back on a time marked in part by much suffering. From time immemorial, the border triangle has occupied a geopolitically extremely important - and therefore often contested - position. Excavations and finds already prove prehistoric settlements, for example at the Kathreinkogel or in the Keutschacher See. As early as the Hallstatt period, an important north-south trade route led through the region. Numerous settlements in Carinthia and Friuli profited from the lively trade of the Celts and Romans with Norse iron and Mediterranean foodstuffs. Carinthia's importance in the Middle Ages is still evidenced by the many castles or their ruins, such as Reifnitz Castle on the southern shore and Leonstein Castle on the northern shore of Lake Wörthersee. Threat scenarios of the past, for example by marauding Turkish armies or later by Napoleon's troops, gave rise to legends, some of which are still told today. Carinthia had a lot to defend: Until the discovery of America, Carinthia was considered the richest mining region in the world known at that time - gold, iron and lead were mined. The disintegration of the Danube Monarchy after World War I brought Carinthia to the border, the exact course of which was to be wrangled over for several years afterwards. It was, however, cemented in the truest sense of the word during the Cold War in the second half of the 20th century. At that time, hundreds of bunkers were built in the border region between Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

Silent witnesses of this eventful past are above-ground and underground Lost Places from all eras - sometimes well hidden, sometimes obvious, but always with lots of history and stories at every turn. Our tours take you to such places, some of which are quite eerie (our Lost Places experts have also written an exciting book about Dark Places).

Industry, Traffic & Co

Popular lost places in the border triangle also include a great many abandoned mines and ruins all around. Lead mining in particular was of great importance in the region. Some of the tunnels are still open to the public today, but only as show mines. Off the beaten track, it is forbidden to enter underground facilities! However, snapshots inside are possible in many cases. Do not forget your flashlight! Since the Hallstatt period, Carinthia has been located on one of the most important north-south traffic axes in Europe. The remains of many so-called Roman roads bear witness to this. An ancient or medieval track road is also part of one of our routes. The dilapidated train stations in the Canal Valley or the "Chapel of Forgotten Souls" next to the Karawanken railway tunnel near Rosenbach date from later times.

Whimsical & "Dark

Each era naturally brings its peculiarities, rituals and "underdogs". They shape many tales and legends, which often revolve around eerie places. We have also discovered Lost Places for all "Dark Tourism" fans and described them as stopovers. Our specialists have even dedicated a book of its own to this genre with "Forgotten and Repressed - Dark Places in the Alps-Adriatic Region".

We've got it covered for you! The community

© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
© Region Wörthersee-Rosental Tourismus GmbH
<p>Mit dem Gravelbike in den Ossiacher Tauern.</p><p>Gravelbike Touren. Vom Wörthersee aus mit dem Gravelbike Kärnten, Slowenien und Italien entdecken. Grenzenlos in der Natur biken und spannende Lost Places erleben.</p>

A dreamlike gravel destination with technically easy terrain and great variety.

Max giant Ultra distance bike racer &amp; bike packer

Already when planning the tour on komoot, I noticed the literally limitless gravel possibilities of the Wörthersee region. Selective terrain and wonderful scenic impressions confirmed my impression on the joint tour through Carinthia with Johnny Hoogerland. Technically, the tour tips are quite simple, but therefore not less attractive. I recommend the region especially for gravel beginners who do not want to ride along crash-prone stone trails.

The addition of the Lost Places theme was, of course, brilliant for my passion for photography. With the numerous spots processed, there was plenty of material for my album. I am very happy to present the Wörthersee region on our Gravel and Bikepacking portal gravgrav.cc.

© Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, 2019
© Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, 2019

For me, Lake Wörthersee combines the best cycling conditions, quality of life and fantastic landscapes.

Johnny Hoogerland Ex-professional cycling legend and Wörtherseer by choice

Peloton legend, Dutch national road race champion, wearer of the Tour de France polka dot jersey and, above all, famous for his horrific fall into barbed wire: after his eventful professional career, Johnny Hoogerland has settled with his family in Velden on Lake Wörthersee. Even better: He runs his own guesthouse here and is intensively involved in the topic of cycling at Lake Wörthersee. The Velo Wörthersee and Gravel Bike & Lost Places Discoveries projects are aimed at like-minded guests from the local road cycling community and reveal all the insider tips you need to know as a road bike or gravel enthusiast. Most of our route suggestions actually come from Johnny. Once you take a look at his personal Strava heatmap, you'll see that there really aren't many roads in Carinthia that he hasn't already ridden on his bike. Especially in spring and fall, when the temperatures are a bit lower, you'll meet Johnny with his stylish BMC bike mostly on the gravel and forest roads, when he again discovers new tours for the whole community.

Time to take off Tour suggestions for you

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