• <p>Gravelbike Gruppe in traumhafter Herbststimmung am Wörthersee. Schotter und tolle Spots in Kärnten.</p>
    Vorschläge für deine Entdeckungen Touren Tipps

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Welcome to the Gravel Community at Lake Wörthersee!


We have put together a few gravel bike tour suggestions for you in Carinthia, with which you can pursue the gravel bike experience in our region on suitable and legal routes. Of course you can experience much more on your tours. With the Lost Places you can, depending on your mood, learn much more exciting from the area, or use the stops for a few casual snapshots with your bike.

In addition, we would like to expressly point out that we want to highlight with our suggestions only exciting places and stories that have almost fallen into oblivion. Please respect private property, prohibitions or commandments along the trails. As a general rule, do not enter the Lost Places, as they are not secured and no liability is assumed in case of collapse or for accidents. The historic walls, tunnels or natural monuments or the like are not open for visiting (unless declared as a tourist destination). Use the spectacular places and buildings for a snapshot from a distance.

Please also pay attention to a professional and suitable cycling equipment and a cell phone for emergencies (Euro emergency call: 112), and of course for your snapshots ;)

We recommend you to download the GPX tracks from our site and navigate on your bike computer using them.


We thank you for your respect for our fair play rules! Ride on!

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